March 25, 2015
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1119 Meade Ave. 786-7787
613 7th Street
Prosser, WA 99350
Shopko breaks ground

Photo by Reba Fink
If you have driven down Chardonnay Blvd. you have noticed the construction taking place.  Shopko has broken ground for their new store.  According to Steve Zetz, city Planner, "There will be some benefits to ShopKo coming into the community. The store will be supplying goods and services that aren't readily available."  Other benefits could be "They can keep shopping dollars here in Prosser and people won't have to have to drive out of town to get some things."  The store would also bring more jobs to the community, which means salaries that would be earned in and likely spent in Prosser.  Welcome Shopko.

Water use in Washington decreased from 2005-2010

TACOMA — Decreases in freshwater withdrawn for irrigation and thermoelectric power led to a 15 percent overall decrease in freshwater use in Washington between 2005 and 2010, according to a report published today by the U. S. Geological Survey.
The report presents regional, county and state-level estimates of freshwater withdrawn in Washington in 2010 for homes, irrigation, livestock, aquaculture, industry, mining and thermoelectric power.
Data on the amount of water used are needed by resource managers to balance the demands for water with available water supplies. Water-use information is a key component of managing water supplies, particularly during drought conditions.
Forecast: Dust storms and wildfires ahead for Central and Eastern Washington

Olympia On the heels of Gov. Jay Inslee's March 13 declaration of drought for three Washington regions comes a forecast predicting dust storms and wildfires in the months ahead.
The same conditions that set the stage for the drought— above-average temperatures and low snowpack—are also expected to create dry fields and forest beds in Central and Eastern Washington.
Growing plants from seed

By Dave Nelson
Germination is the process by which annual, biennial, and perennial plants grow from seeds.  The annual plants survive a little less than a year after germination from seeds.  Biennials require less than two years for this process, while perennial plants can survive for several years if they are hardy.   Fortunately, growing annual plants from seed is rather easy as long as one follows the directions on the seed packet or on the web.  For instance, seeds which are directly sown into the garden, or on its surface, often require stratification. 
Stratification includes the environmental conditions to which the seed must be exposed prior to germination.  These include light, oxygen, and water.