November 25, 2015
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1119 Meade Ave. 786-7787
613 7th Street
Prosser, WA 99350
Toys for Tots locations of donation toy boxes and jars

The Toy boxes have been placed in the following businesses around Prosser:  American West Bank,Yakima Federal Saving & Loan, Hall Chevrolet, Ford Motor Company, Shopko, andBenton County Court House.  Jars: Ed Jones, Ralph's barber shop, Chucker Cherries &Jeremy's Eatery & Pub,and Wild Horses Espresso.
If there is an interest to have a box or jar placed in your business, please contact David Bantam; 509-786-2946
Please be generous since we are trying to provide at least one toyfor those in need.
In my absence please contact; David Bantam at Ralph's Barber Shop; 509-786-2946

Miguel Pineda, MCL
Whitstran / Prosser
Area Coordinator
Toys for Tots
The world was horrified by the cowardly terror attacks in Paris that killed numerous innocent people and left many wounded at entertainment venues and restaurants, in what many now regard as France's "September 11th." France is the United States' oldest ally—the first nation to support our fight for independence. As France has been there when we have faced challenges, we must now be there for the French people. While we mourn together now, we must also unite and stand against global terrorism.

When China's President Xi Jinping flew into Seattle last September, his presidential airliner looked like any other Air China 747-400 passenger jet.  That is because it was.
The Chinese have a different approach to flying their leaders. Its Air Force owns a small fleet of 737s to shuttle dignitaries on short hauls, but they contract with independently owned Air China for extended overseas missions.