December 17, 2014
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1119 Meade Ave. 786-7787
613 7th Street
Prosser, WA 99350
Dear Editor;

An accident is waiting to happen on the corner of Wine Country and Nunn Road. Wine Country Road is a main thoroughfare, and with several businesses and a dojo located nearby there is a lot of foot traffic. Add in the bike path and we're looking at a lot of pedestrians on that corner, with not enough being done to protect them.
Cars whiz through the crosswalk, oblivious or uncaring of the people waiting to cross. Too many times I've seen a car come too close hitting someone as they crossed the street. Near misses that leave me angry and terrified. Crossing the road should not be a game of chicken; there should be no heart stopping moment of panic as tons of steel race by you or suddenly stop, inches from your waist.
A strong police presence may curb bad drivers for a while, but it's not a long term solution. Our officers are needed in so many places. A light might remind drivers to be aware. Let us hope an accident is not what it takes.

Melissa Glasscock
Christmas is a difficult time for anyone grieving for a lost loved one.  It is especially painful for America's military families whose son, daughter, spouse or parent was killed in action this year.
Normally, the fallen are remembered on Memorial Day in late May, but thanks to a Maine family and thousands of donors and volunteers, nearly half a million wreaths are laid on the tombstones of our fallen soldiers, sailors and airmen during the Christmas holidays.
The panoramic view of Arlington's Cemetery's rolling hills with the white grave markers perfectly aligned with wreaths perfectly placed is breathtaking. 
Here is how it started. 
City Council

Photo by Rebecca Fink
Canine Officer Bosco, with former handler and new owner, Officer Shane Hellyer, officially retires last Tuesday evening at the City Council Meeting.

By Rebecca Fink
City Council opened with approving, by a vote, Resolution 14-1470 which declared Police Canine Bosco as retired and authorized the sale of Bosco to his handler, Officer Shane Hellyer. 
During the Consent Agenda, the Council approved by vote the following: payment of payroll checks and direct deposits in the amount of $113,188.27; payment of claim checks and electronic payments in the amount of $399,821.32; acceptance of the Prosser Economic Development Association Report and payments in the amount of $3,583.33;
VFW Post 3207 celebrates diamond anniversary

Kansas City VFW Post 3207 in Prosser, Wash., celebrates 75 years of serving the needs of local veterans and their families on Jan. 8, 2015. The Diamond Anniversary Award Citation is presented to the Post in recognition of 75 years of outstanding service to the community.
John W. Stroud, national commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S., congratulated all members of the Post, "I send my sincere thanks and appreciation to the members of VFW Post 3207 for the outstanding record of service to the community, veterans and to the nation over the past 75 years."

SR 504/Spirit Lake Highway closes until spring

Castle Rock Due to hazardous wintry conditions, State Route 504—better known as Spirit Lake Memorial Highway—is officially closed until next spring.
Crews with the Washington State Department of Transportation closed the scenic byway at Coldwater Lake (milepost 45) Wednesday, Dec. 10, to clear trees and debris brought down by mudslides. The debris is clogging a culvert adjacent to the roadway, and this work will help prevent additional stormwater from flowing toward—and possibly over—the highway.