September 30, 2015
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alla, was named a "Champion for Children" by the Children's Alliancethis year for her work during the 2015 session. The award is given to10 lawmakers each year for their outstanding service to children in a particular policy area.
The Children's Alliance specifically applauded Walsh for playing a key role in the passage of the Early Start Act during the 2015 legislative session. The act improves early learning and child care requirements and objectives,whileincreasing transparency between providers, families and the state.
Children's Alliance names Rep. Maureen Walsh a 2015 'Champion for Children'

Thank you to everyone for an Amazing Rally
The 26th annual balloon rally turned out amazing with some cooperation from the weather we got two days of morning flights and an incredible night glow. 
The attendance was phenomenal, I have never seen that many people at Night Glow, and the airport was packed on Saturday and Sunday.
First, I would like to thank all of the business sponsors through whose sponsorship we are able to pay for all of the things needed to put on this rally.   Secondly, I would like to thank the pilots.  They all travel long distances and spend their time, money and hard work to put on a great show for all of the people that attend the rally.   Tim Gale, our balloonmeister this year, did a great job organizing the flights and really bringing in great pilots to Prosser.
Lastly, the volunteers who donate hours and hours to the rally.  Whether it is making a phone call to get coffee for pilots, or running down paperwork for the event's insurance, or ordering memorabilia they are critical.  We have so many tasks and items it really takes dedicated effort to make this happen.
I would like to specially thank our board members Kendall Murphey, Shirley Delaney, Jacob VanPelt and Nikki Wilson for all of their effort month in and month out to help organize this event.  Additionally, our committee members who put in tons of effort during the weekend  Danielle Morrow, Chad Yost, Steve Byam, Amanda Everett who were instrumentally to having a great rally.  The several of high school students who helped sell memorabila, and the two sororities that helped sell memorabilia downtown all weekend were important in making this possible.  Troy Berglund, our announcer, and our DJ, Steve Castilleja, the Port of Benton personnel, and City of Prosser!  Thank you to all of the people I missed, but were critical in helping the rally be successful.
Please take the time to email me if you are interested in helping in any way with the rally, we would love to hear from you.  My email is at
Thank you all of Prosser for an incredible weekend, let's continue to make this event wonderful into the future!

Morgan Everett
Chairman - The Great Prosser Balloon Rally

By Don C. Brunell
In the early 1970s, a small group of Washington business leaders led by Yelm grocer, Hal Wolf, decided it was time to integrate business owners with high school students.  They realized that our free enterprise market-based economic system would not survive unless it was reinvigorated with a consistent injection of young entrepreneurs.
At the time, our nation had been deeply divided by the Vietnam War and an anti-establishment, anti-business fervor.  Wolf, a state legislator, saw trouble ahead for our way of life.
How small business owners can market their businesses

According to Forbes magazine, more than 50 percent of the working population works for a small business. The Small Business Association reports there are almost 28 million small businesses in the United States. Many small businesses are home-based and hundreds get started each month.
Despite their prevalence, only a handful of small businesses survive more than 10 years. Small business owners must learn how to properly market their businesses and garner a larger audience to stay afloat. While there's no set amount a business should devote to advertising and marketing, such expenses should be included in an organization's operational budget.
Small business owners just getting started may want to consider the following tips as they attempt to market their businesses and expand their customer base.