October 15, 2014
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To the Editor:

We strongly support Mary Ruth Edwards for State Representative, 16th Legislative District, Position 1.
Excessive, un-constitutional regulations and taxes are crippling small businesses. She is opposed to new taxes and will stand up for our constitutional rights. Pro second amendment and pro-life for all, even the unborn: vote Mary Ruth Edwards, former U.S. Marine and current school teacher.

Jeanne and RJ Blahut
Since 1957, our Canadian friends and neighbors have celebrated Thanksgiving on the second Monday of October.  Perhaps, this year we ought to join them.
Given the good news of our state's bountiful apple and cherry harvests this year, we could actually cook two turkeys—one with the Canadians on Oct. 13 and the other on Nov. 27 when our Americans traditionally get together.
Here is why.
Apples are the state's largest agriculture crop.  The Washington apple industry is expecting a record harvest this year, enough to fill 140 million 40-pound boxes. That would be an 8 percent increase over the previous record in 2012.
Did you know that a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer every three minutes in the United States? Whether it is a friend, colleague, mother, wife or daughter, we all likely know someone who has battled this difficult disease.
Sadly, one in eight women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. It is a serious illness that strikes women of all ages regardless of race or socioeconomic background.
Recruiting for next generation of state's Capsule Keepers ends Oct. 21

Olympia - Members of the original Centennial Time Capsule Keepers are in the final days of recruiting a new generation of replacements in time for the state's 125th birthday celebration Nov. 11 in Olympia.
Nominations for new Capsule Keepers end Oct. 21. Any child living in Washington state who was born from Nov. 4 to Nov. 18 in 2004 is eligible. Children of 1989 Capsule Keepers are also eligible. Interested children should have a parent or guardian complete a registration form. Parent or guardian permission is required.
Gas prices drop

Good news for motorists in the Rockies and West Coast: a dramatic drop in gasoline prices is coming! GasBuddy expects that a dramatic wholesale slide will soon translate into much cheaper fuel prices in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Nevada with some aggressive retailers likely to post $3 gal or lower pump prices. Already, some stations in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona are under $3/gallon. 
The latest drop comes as global crude prices flirt with prices that are $25 barrel below spring highs. Additional factors include slumping gasoline demand, a return to cheaper winter blends of gasoline, and booming U.S. oil production.