July 23, 2014
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1119 Meade Ave. 786-7787
613 7th Street
Prosser, WA 99350
Assessor:  Mary Phillips
Dear Editor;
I have had the privilege as a fellow Rotarian to witness Mary volunteering her time and energy to assist with her neighbors and her community. 
Mary has been in management with Benton County for 13 years, providing a positive and a cooperative relationship with Benton County personnel. While she ensures the rights and responsibilities of the tax payers, she will exhibit honesty and integrity as an elected official.  
I encourage your support for Mary Phillips as the Benton County Assessor.

Dianne Torres


Dear Editor;
My wife and I are deeply disappointed and saddened that our town of Prosser is one of the first in the state to have a marijuana store. I know several men on the city council and was incredibly disappointed that they voted to permit the establishment of a marijuana business in Prosser.
This all seems to have happened without most of us knowing anything about it until after the fact, the permit issued and the business established. According to Mr. Thompson about 90 percent of the community is in support of his venture. I would like to see the stats on that. It's more likely 90 percent oppose the store. I have yet to talk with one person who supports the idea of a pot store in Prosser.
In the City of Prosser News, our mayor Paul Warden said, "So, how great is it to live in Prosser? Our community offers families a safe environment to raise children." No place is safe where you make pot available to the public. My wife and I taught in the Prosser School District for many years. On occasion, I would go from class to class teaching about the risks of using drugs. Now we allow a pot store right in the area of town where kids hang out. Unbelievable! In the past, Prosser was well known for its sports and the many great activities/events our community sponsors and supports. Now, when we tell someone we're from Prosser they say, "Oh yeah, that's where you can buy marijuana." Bill Goble had it right in his April 9 letter to the editor, "Not here, not now, now ever!"

Wendell and Charlotte Weld

Benton County Assessor
Dear Editor,
Thank you for this opportunity to share my support of Bill Spencer running for Benton County Assessor. Bill is the only candidate in the assessor's race who hasboth private and county experience. This allows representation of both the needs of the County and the residents who pay taxes. He is the owner/manager of Spencer Appraisal Service and has worked in the private sector of the appraisal industry for 13 years. He also spent time gaining experience at the County level as the Commercial Appraisal lead for the Franklin County Assessor.
Bill is a lifelong resident of Benton County and has watched and participated in the growth of Benton County through civic, school and church activities with his family. He has worked effectively with the county taxpayers and has firsthand knowledge of the needs and desires of the tax payers. He will provide excellent customer service in a respectful, professional manner.
Bill's ethics, integrity, leadership and genuine concern for the welfare of the people of Benton County make himthe most eligible, qualified candidate in this race.
For leadership and experience, Bill Spencer is the right choice.

Patty Yahne
Millions of Americans continue to struggle to find work in today's challenging economy. Many Central Washington workforce-training centers have successfully helped unemployed workers find jobs. However, on the federal level, much improvement can be made. Like with all federal programs, I believe Congress should routinely review them and make necessary improvements to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Walla Walla Veterans'
Home earns federal funding
Olympia - The long-awaited Walla Walla Veterans' Home has been given the green light for construction thanks to the $23 million in required federal funds, which was recently approved by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.
Sen. Mike Hewitt has been fighting for the veterans' home at the state-level for the past several years.