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July 27, 2016
Don C. Brunell - Business Analyst, Writer and Columnist

Between now and November, you will hear lots about "How to Make America Great Again!"
Much of our country's greatness is because of our "Entrepreneurial Spirit." It is our unique trait which makes us the envy of the world.          
America has been blessed with industrious leaders who are optimistic, forward looking and passionate. 
Benton PUD Considering a Rate Increase September 2016

Benton PUD is considering a retail rate increase that would raise the average residential bill by approximately $5.50 a month effective September 1, 2016.
For an average Benton PUD residential customer, this would result in an increase in the average monthly bill from approximately $108 to $113 (a 4.9 percent increase). The median monthly bill for comparable Northwest utilities is $121.
Dan Newhouse - Congressman
Freedom of conscience and religious liberty have been bedrock principles of our republic since our founding. In 1809, Thomas Jefferson wrote, "No provision in our Constitution ought to be dearer to man than that which protects the rights of conscience against the enterprises of the civil authority."

Letters To The Editor


Bill Jenkin's proven and varied work and leadership experiences make him the natural selection for the 16th District State Representative.
Bill has strong, well-honed leadership skills.  He has used these skills in his current role as Rotary 5060 District Regional Governor. 
Locally, Bill is well known for his forward thinking abilities which have allowed him to convert several closed buildings in town and turned the space into successful businesses.  He also has ties to the local agricultural community through a vineyard and winery he has built from the ground up.   And finally, Bill has been an active member of the Prosser School Board for the past three years. As President of the School Board he has aided the district as they have worked collaboratively to ensure all students needs for quality education are their first priority.
All of Bill's strengths and experiences make him a strong and viable candidate to lead and represent the 16th District in the House of Representatives.   I strongly urge you to select Bill Jenkins as YOUR candidate.

Peggy Douglas

Jenkin for 16th District Representative

I support Bill Jenkin for 16th District Representative. Bill has the integrity, work ethic, and breadth of knowledge to serve our district well.
As a small business owner Bill understands fiscal responsibility, and he's dealt firsthand with burdensome government regulation. He knows government should get out of the way, not stand in the way, of small business success.
Bill is a tireless community volunteer. He's been involved with Rotary, the Boys & Girls Club, the Prosser Economic Development Association, and he's currently president of the Prosser School Board. Through his experience he has developed a well-rounded understanding of the issues in education. Bill will work to ensure Washington meets its obligation to funding educationówithout raising taxes. He supports choice in education, and he believes all students should have an opportunity to pursue postsecondary education whether through a trade school, technical school, or traditional college environment.
As a vineyard and winery owner Bill knows the vital economic role agriculture plays in our state. He will work hard to solve important water, regulatory, and agri-tourism issues to help our district's agricultural businesses thrive.
When compared to his competitors, Bill stands out as the best choice in the 16th.

Jeff Andrews
Forum                                         July 20, 2016
Don C. Brunell - Business Analyst, Writer and Columnist

Over the last 35 years our family has vacationed at the same place on the beach.  While the buildings have been refurbished, the complex remains largely unchanged.
However, our entertainment has changed a lot. We still swim, jump the waves and build sandcastles, but our board games, puzzles and playing cards have been replaced with kids' electronic tablets, smart phones and
Prosser City Council

Among the Council's Consent Agenda were usual items of payroll, claims and reimbursements. Council agenda for consent also included the Interlocal Agreement terminating the Amended and Restated Debt Participation Agreement for Jail and District Court Expansion that the County and the Cities (Prosser, West Richland, Richland, and Kennewick) executed in June of 2000.

Dan Newhouse - Congressman
I am a strong believer that the flurry of top-down rules from the federal government threatens job creation over the long-run rather than empowering individuals or moving our economy forward.
Last week, the House passed an important piece of legislation to promote responsible use of our natural resources and to reverse regulatory overreach by reining in the Environmental Protection Agency
Letters To The Editor

West Benton Fire & Rescue

Dear Editor,

Our local firefighters are amazing!!! The home next to our place caught on fire earlier this afternoon. The home has two small children an older teen and parents.
From the time there was smoke showing from the house until the trucks arrived was literally minutes. The Chief was on the scene so quickly and ensured everyone was out of the house. And within less than a minute more the Chief had organized his team and they had the door kicked in and the fire knocked down. These guys put in countless hours of training and their execution today could not have been more flawless.
Thank you to all the firefighters, police, sheriffs and paramedics that responded. We are truly blessed in this community to have such amazing people looking out for one another.

Scott Hunt

State Legislature 16th District
Letter to the Editor:
I support Bill Jenkin for state legislator in the 16th District. We have major issues impacting Central and South Eastern Washington. We need a strong leader fighting for our interest in Olympia. Bill Jenkin is that person.
Bill is an experienced small businessman. He understands the issues that need addressed to help attract and keep businesses operating. We need someone to help fight for schools and our kids. Bill is the President of the Prosser School Board and intimately knows the issues that need fixed. Bill understands school levy equalization and the impact of the McCleary court decision. We need his experience fighting for us to keep school funding affordable.Bill understands the importance of agriculture. Bill is a wine vineyard owner and knows the issues we all care about related to farming, irrigation and regulations.
When compared to the other candidates on the ballot, Bill is the choice I am making. He has the experience, knowledge and background to best represent all of our interests.

Scott Hunt