September 17, 2014
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What if we could peer into the future and see the consequences of the decisions we make today?  In a way, we can.
According to Washington state economists, a carbon tax high enough to achieve Gov. Inslee's stated climate change goals would increase gasoline prices almost 60 percent over time and raise natural gas prices currently our most affordable energy nearly 35 percent.  The carbon tax is only one part of Inslee's climate change agenda.  How much will the rest of it cost Washington families? 
At this point, we don't know precisely how the governor's energy agenda will affect our economy.  But we can see that a misguided and mismanaged "green" agenda can cripple a nation's economy and stick struggling families with the bill.
While we celebrate our nation's independence on the Fourth of July, the document that actually created the United States of America was adopted 227 years ago this month. On September 17, 1787, the United States Constitution was signed at Independence Hall in Philadelphia In a time when kings, monarchs, czars, and emperors ruled the nations of the world, the United States Constitution represented a novel and revolutionary idea a living document creating a government of "We the People" that was composed to guarantee the natural rights of its citizens

City Council
Tuesday, Sept. 9, the Prosser City Council meet in the Council Chambers at 7 p.m. in City Hall for their Regular Council meeting,
To open the meeting the Council and those in attendance stood and recited the Pledge of Allegiance. After roll call, with no citizen participation and no reports or comments from the Council Members the first items up for a vote where those on the Consent Agenda.
The Council voted unanimously to approve payroll checks in the amount of $45,857.42 and direct deposits in the amount of $104,260.06 for the period ending Aug. 29, 2014; payment of claim checks in the amount of $349,261.43 and electronic payments in the amount of $88,758.98 for the period ending Sept. 9, 201; acceptance of the monthly Prosser Economic Development Association report and payment in the amount of $2,166.66 and payment to the grant writer in the amount of $1,416.67.
Employment Security distributes workforce-development funds

Olympia The state's Employment Security Department has distributed nearly $41 million in federal funds to 12 local Workforce Development Councils in Washington to help workers upgrade skills and find jobs.
The Workforce Development Councils use the funds to provide counseling, skills assessments, job-search assistance and training to laid-off workers, low-income adults and disadvantaged young people in their geographic areas.
The funding for program year July 2014 through June 2015 comes from the federal Department of Labor. Services are delivered through the WorkSource employment and training system, which includes more than 60 centers, affiliates and connection sites.