April 16, 2014
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"The very definition of 'States' rights"
Dear Editor:
In response to Mr. Gobles two cents April 9, 2014 - I would like to offer mine.
Mr. Goble stated that I-502 was passed by two counties in Washington State, the reality is that over half of the counties approved the Initiative.
He goes on to state that the County Commissioners and City Council should respect the voters. In case Mr. Goble has forgotten, we live in a State united not divided. By his own logic, Governor Inslee is not Washington's Governor because after all we did not vote for him.
This was a state Initiative and the voters have spoken and therefore their vote should be respected, this is the basis of Democracy and rooted in the Constitution, to pick and choose what "We the people" have decided is absurd.
I suspect Mr. Goble has not even read the law, otherwise he might have known that the Cities and Counties do not issue licenses, this function has been delegated to the State Liquor Control Board.
The Attorney General did not "rule" on anything, only judges make rulings, the Attorney General gave an opinion, nothing more. Only when a city or county is sued and a judge makes a ruling will it move from opinion to fact, either for or against. It appears that the County and the City are maintaining a neutral stance on the issue, they are doing exactly what we as citizens expect them to do, to maintain good stewardship over tax payers dollars by avoiding costly litigation in order to fight against the voters of the State and to keep drug cartels and gangs well-funded.
Like it or not Marijuana use is here, there will be those that use it and those that don't. The foundation for the decision to engage in its use begins at home with proper education and parenting. We have had laws on the books banning its use for decades and the result is clear.
It's in our community, and now its use is increasing among elderly for medical reasons. We obviously can't change the minds of those that chose to use Marijuana, whether for recreation or medical reasons, but we can choose to change who profits from it. Right now it is estimated that nearly 70 percent of Marijuana used in the United States comes from Mexico. Those who cling to prohibition as an answer, despite 40 years of failure, are really saying they support the continued funding of drug cartels to the south and local gangs for distribution. And suppose a store opens up in Benton County or in Prosser. Are the prohibitionists concerned that the mere presence of a store will inexplicably draw them into it and force them to buy and use Marijuana? Does the same apply to a strip club? What other sins and vices are they unable to resist without a complete absence of temptation?
Washington and Colorado voters have done what few states have attempted to do, to try something new, to resist the Federal Government and to say no to drug cartels and yes to keeping dollars here in our own state and community. To use those dollars for good instead of cartels using them to rape and murder. This is the very definition of States' rights and an affirmation of limited Federal Government, qualities that are very much supported by Eastern Washington Voters.
Ann Grey
Families and small business owners all across America know that sometimes difficult decisions must be made in order to balance their budgets and so should Congress and the President.Whether monthly or annually, we all set priorities and make decisions about how we spend the money that we have earned. The basic principle behind balancing our nation's checkbook is simple: you can't spend more money then you take in.

One of the problems with the minimum wage debate is the name itself.  If we want to ensure that we don't hurt lower-income workers, we should consider total compensation, not just wages.
Case in point:  Bill H. earns $15 an hour as a parking lot attendant.  Lisa W. earns $12.25 an hour at a fast food restaurant.  But Lisa's employer provides merit raises, paid vacations, health insurance, management training, education scholarships, childcare assistance and a 401k retirement plan.
City Council

By Rebecca Fink
First on the agenda Special Recognition of Officer Blackburn by Mayor Paul Warden. Blackburn was recognized for his, "…passion and commitment to exceptional public service." Warden said, "Thank you for your extra efforts."
Consent Agenda included;  City Council members approved the following: payroll checks; claim checks; accepted monthly report from Prosser Economic Development Association and authorized payment for their services; approved progress estimate for work performed by HLA, Inc.;