The hottest ticket in town; the Eighth Annual Art Walk & Wine Gala
July is time for the Prosser Chamber of Commerce's 8th Annual Art Walk & Wine Gala.  On Saturday July 16, the historic streets of downtown Prosser will be transformed into a delightful garden of greenery, music and art. Yellow Rose Nursery will once again create an enchanted park in downtown Prosser complete with foliage, benches and fountains.


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September 17, 2014
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613 7th Street
Prosser, WA 99350
Sunnyside Movie Theater
City of Prosser
Let's "Turn It Teal"!

Photo by Chuck Hultberg and Lorna Nunez
The pathway on the bridge in Prosser lit up with teal lights in support and awareness of ovarian cancer.  Jenna Essary, a PHS senior put the lights up to bring awareness to the community about ovarian cancer.  Inset: Teal ribbon tied to the pathway on the bridge in Prosser showing support for women with ovarian cancer and survivors of ovarian cancer.

By Victoria Walker
Ovarian Cancer accounts for 3% of cancers among women.  It changes the life of thousands of women annually. It causes more deaths than any other female cancers of the reproductive system. 
In early January of 2013 Jenna Essary's grandmother, Jeanie Harris, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  Ovarian cancer has symptoms that are very subtle and, in many cases, are not caught at an early stage. In 2013-2014, there were four women in Prosser all diagnosed with ovarian cancer and I am happy to say we are all survivors.  2 out of every 3 diagnosed with ovarian cancer don't survive.
70, Girls, 70

By Victoria Walker
What are old people doing stealing furs anyway? Well, that is a question for the audience to answer when the Over the Hill Theatricals presents 70, Girls, 70.  John Kander and Fred Ebb have concocted a delightful musical, based on the 1958 play "Breath of Spring" by Peter Coke.  70, Girls, 70 is a musical directed by Prosser's Reba Fink and assisted by Julie Trimble. 
The show has a plot that includes a group of larcenous 'over the hill' type gang who steal furs from various New York City stores.  Their intent is using the proceeds from their resale of the stolen furs to buy theirUpper West Sideretirement hotel, the New Sussex Arms, which is slated to be sold to developers.
Scarecrow early warning!

Prosser - Time to dig around for some old dungarees, find a ratty plaid shirt, and scout the pumpkin patch for the perfect scarecrow head—HDPA is once again sponsoring the Prosser Scarecrow Contest.  The theme for 2014 is Halloween.
Following the theme is optional of course, but it should not be too much of a stretch for local folks to consider how their scarecrow might give a nod to All Hallows' Eve. However, if you find you need some inspiration, check the HDPA's Facebook page—we will be posting factoids about local Halloween to spur your creativity.
Grain silos

On Thursday at M&E Seed and Grain store in Prosser one of their grain silos was demolished by Dave Lizotte J&D Industries, the demolition company.  The building came down according to plan. The grain silo was built in 1975 for ACM Feed for the Kessi Brothers.  The silos had been used in the past to store grains grown by many large-scale, local farmers.  Several years ago, the City of Prosser took the railroad siding out that M and E Seed and Grain depended on to transport stored grain on rail cars to the ports.