April 16, 2014
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School Board "Spring of Review"

By Rebecca Fink
Wednesday April 9, Prosser School Board commenced their regular board meeting after the week long Spring Break.
Up first the Board had the opportunity to hear from Fred Bray, who was to address the board, not only as a parent with a child attending Prosser schools, a resident of Prosser, an educator himself, but also the President of the Teachers' union.  Bray was there to express his, and some of those teachers that he represents, concern over the amount of testing that will be taking place between now and the end of May. "We are entering the "testing season", 12 to 14 days, ¼ of the teaching days this quarter will be dedicated to testing."
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WSU sets May 1 deadline for WASFA for Real Hope Act students

Pullman Students have until May 1 to submit the Washington Application for State Financial Aid, or WASFA, to Washington State University. But they are encouraged to submit it as soon as possible.
"The sooner students complete the WASFA, the better chance they have of receiving a grant because funds are limited," said Marcela Pattinson who coordinates WSU outreach to undocumented students.
The WAFSA provides undocumented students who meet certain criteria an opportunity to qualify for State Need Grant funds.
Club Kids Choice

Prosser - On Friday, March 28 the Prosser Boys & Girls Club held their 1st Annual Club Kids Choice Awards.  Leading up to the event the kids came up with all of the categories ranging from Favorite coffee shop, Favorite fast food restaurant, and Staff they would like to see get slimed.  The kids helped make the ballots and made their own choices on who to vote for. 
A few days before staff added up all the votes and went out to talk to the winners and invited them to participate in the award show.