September 17, 2014
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1119 Meade Ave. 786-7787
613 7th Street
Prosser, WA 99350
Miss Prosser Corner

Hello citizens of Prosser! This is your Miss Prosser, Queen Marissa, back in action. After my time studying at Princeton University, I was lucky enough to kick off my homecoming with States Day! Being reunited with my community once again was an absolute honor and total pleasure. Courts from as far as Marysville and Chewelah came to our annual States Day Parade and Royal Scavenger Hunt. During the scavenger hunt, we got the chance to show the courts around downtown Prosser and some of our most visited locations.

Prosser School District #16

Whom does this event involve? Parents of students in Kindergarten through 5th grade attending Whitstran Elementary, Prosser Heights Elementary, and Keene-Riverview Elementary Schools.
What will take place? Parent informational meeting regarding the personal safety program, "Talking about Touching".  This meeting will give parents an opportunity to review the lessons that will be taught for the program.
Grants help improve childhood literacy, reduce school-age truancy

Richland Faculty from Washington State University Tri-Cities and Pullman have received two grants to evaluate state programs intended to improve childhood literacy and reduce school-age truancy.
With one grant, WSU will evaluate and refine the new WaKIDS program. WaKIDS aims to improve children's transition into kindergarten and their early school success through assessment and development.
The other grant will be used to evaluate and refine the Washington Assessment of the Risks and Needs of Students (WARNS) youth survey, which is designed to assist schools, courts and youth service providers to identify factors that lead to truancy.
Army ROTC cadet

Spokane - NolanM.Saamis an Army ROTC cadet involved in Cadet Language and Cultural Immersion Training -- their first training deployment as a cadet. After a week-long training session at Fort Knox, Ky., the selected cadets are deployed to partner nations where they are immersed in the local cultures and languages.
The selected cadets will spend three weeks involved in assisting with current Army missions that range from community outreach projects to teaching English to local children or host country military personnel.