November 26, 2014
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Happiness is a touchdown

Photo by Tim Curtiss
Adrian Lochrie and Michael Cruz celebrate a touchdown during the Mustangs game on Saturday.

Mustangs post-season awards

By Tim Curtiss
First Team: Defense-Denise Ruvalcaba Forward- Jamie Fassler
   2nd Team: Midfield Liz Hart   
Honorable Mention: Luz Herrera   Prosser   

First Team: Boys Cross-Country Peyton Sperl
Girls First Team- Hana VerMulm
Girls' Team Sportsmanship Award Prosser

Second Team Alison LaMotte Prosser 
Honorable Mention-Hannah Lind Prosser OH Taylor Beightol Prosser S

First team: Center Colten Alefteras; Tackle Wyatt Tolle; Cardell Jones Wide Reciever
Second Team- Gurad Jonah Hoefer; Running Back Michael Kernan; Tight End Riley Lusk;
First team- Defensive Line Shane Zelinski
Second team- Defensive Back Sam Kawakami; Defensive Line Colten Alefteras; Inside Linebacker David Ledesma; Kicker Javi Diaz
Honorable Mention- Defensive back Javi Diaz; Defensive line Devin Brown;  
Stay safe when sledding

Metro - One of the more popular wintertime activities, sledding attracts scores of participants every time a new coating of snow covers sloping hills. Although sledding can be fun, it also can be risky.
The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission says there are thousands of sledding-, snow tubing- and toboggan-related injuries each year. The majority of injuries occur to children age 14 and younger. Young children are vulnerable to injury because they have higher centers of gravity that can cause them to lose balance more readily. Youngsters' coordination is not fully developed as well, which makes it difficult for them to steer and avoid obstacles.