March 4, 2015
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613 7th Street
Prosser, WA 99350
Photo by Tim Curtiss
Brook Haringa plays against Othello early this season, was named to the first all CWAC.

Mustang's boys and girls basketball represented well on all CWAC teams

By Tim Curtiss
The Prosser boys and girls basketball teams turned some heads this season on the court, and at the post season awards.
Senior, Cardell Jones and sophomore, Scott Blakney were voted to the first team all-CWAC, and Brook Harinaga was named to the girl's first team all-CWAC.
Sophomore Nate Brown and Kason Blair named to the honorable mention team, same as senior Kendra Merritt for the girls.

How to cope with an athletic injury

Metro - As any professional athlete can attest, even the most athletic and physically fit individuals can suffer an injury. Professional athletes typically have highly trained medical personnel at their disposal as they recover from injury, but men and women who don't draw a paycheck for their athletic exploits have no such luxury, making it far more difficult to recover from and cope with injury.
· Stay involved. Athletes who train heavily and devote much of their free time to pursuing their sport of choice may feel as though their world has come crashing down when they suffer an injury. But even if you cannot compete, you can still stay involved in your sport. If you are physically capable, offer to volunteer at sanctioned events, which can help you maintain a connection with your sport and keep abreast of the happenings within that community.